Digital Power Meter

PMC-630E (Obsoleted EOL)

The PMC-630E Advanced Multifunction Ethernet Meter, based on the highly successful PMC-630 series, is CET’s latest offer for the low, medium and high voltage power/energy metering market. Housed in an industry-standard DIN form factor measuring only 96mmx96mmx125 mm, the PMC-630E’s compact size is perfectly suited for today’s space restricting installations and for applications that require Ethernet connectivity.


The PMC-518D RTU is an intelligent remote terminal unit, featuring quality construction, DIN rail mount and a large, easy to read LCD display. It comes standard with 18 self-excited Digital Inputs for status monitoring or utility pulse counting and optionally provides 6 or 8 Digital Outputs for remote control applications and two Analog Inputs for interfacing with external transducers.


Product Overview (D100B) D100B / D1000B electronic DIN-rail power meter, LCD display. The meter is used to measure 50Hz or 60Hz power system from three phase four wire AC electricity net. The features of small size & DIN-rail mounting makes it suitable for installation in distribution boards and small standard enclosures. The meter is widely…


The PMC-592 MCPM is CET’s latest offer for PDU, LVDB and Load Center applications that require multi circuit power meter monitoring solutions. Housed in compact metal enclosure, the PMC-592 is perfectly suited for applications that have high density metering requirements. The PMC-592 features quality construction with multi function and high-accuracy measurements, two Mains Inputs, up to 84 Branch Circuit Inputs and an optional touch-screen HMI.

PMC-330 (Obsoleted)

The PMC-330 Digital Three-Phase Energy Meter is CET’s latest offer for the low voltage power/energy metering market featuring DIN rail mount, compact construction, high accuracy, multifunction measurements and a large, easy to read LCD display with automatic scrolling. The PMC-330 optionally provides two Digital Inputs for status monitoring and two Digital Outputs for alarming and remote control.