OSS Platform

Product Overview ZETA server offers professional network management and maintenance functionalities. It can support ZETA/LoRa/NB-IoT connectivity simultaneously and is able to help customers with fast network deployment, improving operation efficiency, supporting powerful suite of APIs and accelerating time to market. Features Carrier-grade platform: High capacity, high performance, extremely reliable and secure Data visualisation: Visualised network…


Product Overview (SETPOINT CMS) A comprehensive online condition monitoring software solution that connects directly to the SETPOINT machinery protection system without need of any additional intervening hardware. It provides powerful visualization tools such as timebase, orbit, spectrum, bode, polar, shaft centerline, multi-variable trend, and other plot types specific to rotating and reciprocating machinery, allowing online…

PecStar® iEEM

PecStar iEEM® software is an integrated energy efficiency management system offers a distributed, modular and hierarchical structures in building, enterprises and Utilities. iEEM supports multiple communications standards and protocols available on various intelligent metering devices. You can also connect to existing energy efficiency systems through industry standard protocols such as Modbus, OPC, DNP, etc.


The PecStar iEMS Energy Management System provides a comprehensive software solution for the Protection, Monitoring, Control and Management of the electrical, mechanical and other physical assets for Utilities, Industries, Institutions, Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial Buildings and Data Centers.