ZETA® Manhole Cover Sensor

Product Overview The manhole cover sensor consists of a gyroscope sensor and a ZETA wireless module. Target Applications Excellent sensitivity @-132dBm Flexible sensor threshold High protection grade Easy to deploy & low power consumption Features Manhole cover open/close detection Electrical Characteristics Physical Characteristics Operational Environment

ZETA® Workspace Occupancy Sensor

Product Overview This product is based on ZETA wireless technology workstation detection equipment, which is mainly composed of station status sensing and wireless transmission. Using ZETA based wireless PIR sensor to detect if workspace is occupied Features Excellent sensitivity Configurable detecting angle, range and threshold Safe and reliable, easy to deploy Low power consumption &…

ZETA® Remote Power Controller

Product Overview Remote power controller is based on ZETA and remote switch technology. Detect current value and send the value to server. Remote control power on and off. Detect temperature and humidity through integrated sensor. Response accurately through RFID technology Features High sensitivity @ 132dBm@300bps Backup battery supply when main power down Periodic self-check Target…